Human Resource Management by Lloyd L. Byars

human resource managementIn my opinion, this is a very good book about human resource management. The contents are extensive, which include the legal environment, information technology, job analysis and design, human resource planning, how to recruit employees and select employees, employee training, organizational development, career development, wage and salary systems, employee relations and more.  Although they are all quite fundamental, they are detailed and easy to understand. After going through all the chapters, you could at least be able to define human resource management, describe the functions of human resource management, summarize the types of assistance provided by the human resource department, explain the desired relationship between human resource managers and operating managers, identify several challenges currently faced by today’s human resource managers, outline several potential challenges and contributions presented by an increasingly diverse work force, and know in general terms how human resource managers can affect organizational performance.

 What I like most about this book is that there are many review questions, exercises and discussion questions after each topic and summary of learning objectives. It lists them out one by one to make the point clear and easy to understand.  In each chapter, many detailed examples and figures are attached for elaboration. To make learning interesting, it begins with a lively dialogue somewhere. Like incident 6-1, it starts with a story, “you are a human resource consultant. You have been called by the newly appointed president of a large paper manufacturing firm.” The story explains what human resource planning is with several questions following. I like the explanations of this book very much and did learn something from it. Hope it also can live a deep impression on you.


Where to find the book?
Call number: HF5549 BYA 2003
Location: South

Written by Shao Qi


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