Business Process Mapping: Improving Customer Satisfaction by J. Mike Jacka and Paulette J. Keller

business process mappingInterested in Business? Want to further explore this field? If yes, check out “Business Process Mapping” available at the South of the Library and you will find something unexpected in the book.  Why do  I highly recommend this book?

Firstly, process mapping is primary knowledge and necessary tool for before starting comprehensive analysis. It breaks down a broad topic into smaller elements, which will help us to have a full and complete understanding on the topic. So if you want to run a business or analyze the business map, process mapping is key. What’s special about this book? Unlike other books, it isn’t dry and is quite a practical book.  It discusses the entire cycle of business process mapping and links to objectives and measures of success. What’s more, it also covers business risk management. The focus is to improve customer satisfaction, so the holistic approach to transform the flow chart into a customer-oriented business improvement is powerful.

Secondly, examples are given in the different chapters which make understanding easier. Let’s take Chapter 5 for example. It shows clear steps on how to create a map generation. It breaks the unit level to individual level and then action level. Sub-steps are also listed. If you follow the systematic approach, you won’t be confused. And, at the end of the chapter, it summarizes the key analysis points as well.

So why are you still waiting for?  Grab the book and be engaged in the world of business process mapping.


Where to find the book?
Call number: HF5415.335 JAC 2009
Location: South

Written by Ma Yuan


One thought on “Business Process Mapping: Improving Customer Satisfaction by J. Mike Jacka and Paulette J. Keller

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    Hi Stephen,

    You may like to consult the Recruitment companies for trainers. We are only staff from Republic Polytechnic library. 🙂

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