PHP and MySQL: Create – Modify – Reuse by Tim Boronczyk, Martin E Psinas

phpHere is a book that I strongly recommend for 2nd year SIT students who are taking C203 – Web Applications Development.

What makes this book different?

Basically, this book is similar to all other references about PHP. But in comparison, I found this book to be more useful, in term of relevance and compatibility to what we learn in class.  It is easy to understand whether you are a beginner or professional. Everything that we are going to study in C203, as well as any further and advanced knowledge can be found in this book.

First of all, with the fact that web applications always comes together with databases, having a web application without a database would be like a fish living without water. It is also the main point that is mentioned and reminded in C203. This is the first reason that makes “PHP and MySQL: Create – Modify – Reuse” a good guide as it brings PHP and MySQL together right from the first page.

Secondly, instead of going through all the theories and some examples focusing only on the theory itself, the author of this book choose to guide us through all the concepts by creating project. Thus, with every project from start till end, and from basic to complex, we are reminded of the other theories and applications that mentioned in the book. And, as each project supports different purpose and characteristics, the use of previous knowledge is also different. It makes the reader more active in making use of what they learn from this book.  We just need to understand the concepts and we’ll definitely be able to modify it and reapply it to future projects.  This helps expand our skill set.

More details about the projects that been used in this book: they are all based on real life usage of web applications, created with minimal set-up and includes clear step-by-step explanation. Besides touching on database and web applications, all other concerns such as user management, forums, image gallery and issues dealing with security are also well stated.

So go to library and pick up “PHP and MySQL: Create – Modify – Reuse” if you want to survive C203 – Web Applications Development, or  if you want to become more professional in web designing.

Publication date: 2008


Call number: QA76.73.P224 BOR 2008
Location: East


By Le Ha Phuong (Kua Lee)


One thought on “PHP and MySQL: Create – Modify – Reuse by Tim Boronczyk, Martin E Psinas

  1. I haven’t touched this book yet. But I’m wondering why the title says Create-Modify-Reuse. I believe it’s about a specific way of coding that makes it reusable. If it really teaches how to switch from procedural to object-oriented way of coding, I would be willing to take a look at it.

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