Secrets of Building Multi-Million Dollar Businesses by Adam Khoo

ADAM KHOOI would like to introduce the book titled “Secrets of Building Multi-Million Dollar Businesses” by Adam Khoo. I think this book is suitable for those who are interested in businesses and want to be a businessman one day. It will give you ideas of financial planning as well. I like this book because I got to learn how to manage my finances and also gained some insights to starting a business with a small amount of money. Most of us would think that without a lot of money we cannot start a business. However, this book will prove this wrong because the author started a business from a small sum of money and grew it progressively. It is very interesting and you will like to read about the author and how he created his million dollar businesses from a small business. Last but not least if you are interested to learn and gain some knowledge from this book, you can take note of the following location.

Where is the location?
Call No. : 338.04095957
Location: Central




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