Soldering Process and Equipment by Michael G. Pecht

soldering process and equipment

As we all have been noticing that today’s world is developing in a very fast pace and modern devices are being widely used nowadays. So knowledge on these electronics devices is playing an important part in today’s modern society.

This book provides basic characteristics and functions of the basic electronic components such as semiconductors, transistors as well as amplifiers widely used nowadays.

The first chapter starts off with several methods for analysing circuits, circuit laws and network theorems. In the next chapter, one of the most important and basic components, semiconductor diode is introduced. Its characteristics and formulas have been covered. This is the reason why this book will definitely be a good help for the students learning Analogue electronics (E219) and Circuit Analysis (E203) modules.

Besides these topics, it explains the characteristics of the BJT transistors and its applications. What’s more, it includes fully solved problems for every topic covered. This is followed by the characteristics and problems of other type of transistor which is FET. Other than these, this book shows us the different effects of frequency in the amplifiers.

In the last chapter, the operational amplifier (op-amp), the difference between practical and ideal op-amps as well as its different types of circuits has been provided. This book will surely be a good guide for those doing linear circuits and control (E204) module as well. This book is definitely for the students who want to do a quick and effective review using the clear and precise outlines. For those who want to get basic knowledge on these electronic devices, this book is definitely a good summary.



Call Number – TK 7867 ELE 2006

Location – North

Reviewed by Htun Linn Aung


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