PS: I love you


A young couple in New York City, Holly (Hilary Swank) and her husband, Gerry (Gerard Butler) who had been married for 10 years, were madly in love.

The movie quickly unveiled the sad fate of the couple with Gerry’s sudden death from cancer. Lonely and broken-hearted, Holly sank into the darkness of pain. She was just like a shell without a soul. Holly’s loved ones did their best to console her, but nothing changed much. Soon after, Holly started receiving love letters that Gerry had penned before his death.

“I’m not asking you to remember me…”, “Gerry’s spirit” confessed to Holly. And that was how the scene took on a brighter tone. The letters were filled with love, telling stories about their lives, and even provided some ‘instructions’ that brought Holly and her friends on the trip to Gerry’s hometown, Ireland. Holly slowly got back to her life, once again filled with belief and happiness, as more letters were received.

Besides the message of romantic love that lifts one up and encourages one to move forward, “P.S I Love You” also puts forth the meaning of love that encompasses a broader sphere, that is love from family and friends. Moreover, I have come to recognize that whatever, whenever and wherever, no matter what has changed, it will not be the end of the world. There will always be someone out there to support and love you, and wish that you will live happily.

Over all, “P.S I love you” is a surprisingly touching romantic comedy that will squeeze tears out of you, and imprints on you the positive message of life – life moves on and the “courage to love again and live life”.

Call number:  DVD PN1997 P 2008

Location: South

Written by Le Ha Phuong (Kua Lee)


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