Facilities Planning (Third Edition) by James A. Tompkins

facilities planningPublisher             : Wiley

Call Number       : TS 177 FAC 2003

Location               : North

Reviewed by      : Harris Kristanto


Facilities planning is important in today’s world. It’s not just people that matter, but facilities layout and planning too. The reason? To achieve high effectiveness and to better improve existing flows.

This book begins by introducing facilities planning. It includes the importance and objectives of facilities planning. This is followed by the strategies on planning facilities and an introduction to the requirements (e.g. systems) to make a facility work.  This book will serve as a good guide for Year 2 DIOM/DSCM students who are taking E212-4 Facilities Planning and Design module.

Other than defining the layout requirements, this book also teaches us how to identify the types of layout and how to plan layouts using algorithmic approaches and with the help of programs such as ALDEP and CORELAP (Computerized Relationship Layout Planning) which will be beneficial for preparing us for the related problems in the module.

Last but not least, this book offers guides on implementing the plans and the practical methods on how to evaluate and maintain them. Well, what are you waiting for? Come to library and grab this book now as the new semester has started! =)


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