Happy Children’s Day!

Children’s day is celebrated all over the world on various dates. Here in Singapore, the happy occasion falls on 1st October.

On that very day, we had the first Children’s Day celebration run by us at the Library South Programme3 area. After going through several plannings and preparations, we were amazed with the number of kids that turned up for the event.

Our library staff, Miss Adeline Tan, is also trained in story-telling. The program turned out to be very successful and the kids were very enthusiastic and responsive. They enjoyed giving various ideas and suggestions to the stories. They were also able to guess the drawings which were yet to be completed. Kids these days are really smart. 🙂

After the story-telling session, we played for them 1an hour of Spongebob Squarepants. You should be familiar with the cartoon, right? We could hear the excitement and laughter from the children and they all seemed to be enjoying a lot watching the show.

Simultaneously, a range of books were displayed at the program zone for everyone to take a look.


These books are meant for all to read, even the public. However, do note that only RP staff and students are allowed to loan them. 🙂 


The kids of course, did not leave the library empty handed. Each of them were given a chance to pick one of the balloons that come in many different shapes and sizes. Let’s scroll down and take a look at more images below!



We’d like to thank all staff and parents who have brought your children down to the library and make the event a happening and fruitful occasion for all of us. We hope to have more opportunity in organizing many fun programs in the upcoming years for your kids to learn and enjoy.

See you again next year! For those who have missed out on this event, don’t hesitate to sign up next year! We’ll definitely welcome all children, and you know what they say… THE MORE THE MERRIER! 🙂


Faiza, RP Library


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