Programming and Problem Solving with Java by James M.Slack

I find that this  book by James Slack is really suitable for students studying Java in modules like C208 – Object Oriented Programming or C306 – Data Structures and Algorithm. The beginning of the book introduces the basic and the most essential concepts in Java such as Primitive Data Types, Operators, Objects, Classes, Methods and Parameters.

What I really like about this book is……

 There is a whole chapter reserved for Recursion complete with graphics – makes it sooo much easier to understand..! Examples in this chapter includes turtle graphics  which will be used to draw out figures. Readers will not be bored since graphics are involved.

The following chapter which is also about algorithm is called ‘Stacks and Queues’ will be beneficial for students who study C306 – Data Structures and Algorithm. There are plenty of examples provided in which you can find one of the most popular example that is The Towers of Hanoi.



 Publisher Brooks/Cole

Call Number: QA76.73.J38 SLA 2000

Area: East

Blogger: Ngo Minh Nam (85157)


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