Visual creativity: inspirational ideas for advertising, animation and digital design by Mario Pricken

Visual CreativityThis book talks about how creativity can be employed in the fields of advertising, marketing, post-production, computer animation, the development and design of games, graphic art and design, video and photography, electronic media, cartoons and stop-motion animation, new media, industrial design, virtual reality development, architecture and lastly the management of creative departments. It shows the steps on how greater heights in creativity can be achieved and improves our power of imagination, visual range, and the most practical ways which talent can be put to use.

This book is divided into 5 parts. In part 1, we hear from illustrators, designers, photographers, game designers, film producers and more. For instance, creative directors talk about their views on imagination and creativity evolution in the industry and how they think and react to the situation.

In part 2, we get to be more aware of reality and imagination. From this, we make conscious use of our imagination to change what we see by giving it more flexibility and mould daydreams and fantasies into new ideas.

Part 3 leads us to new meaning and surprising visual impressions that were not known before. We get to know how to use unusual and original views of reality to open up new visual realms and experiment with pixels, dots and picture element to create new images. We can also learn how to create spatial and pictorial layers and link them up with text and graphics in an exciting and innovative way to create fantastic new worlds with the combination of both real and artificial images.

Part 4 talks about morphing from dream to reality which demonstrates how sketches, layouts and storyboards help us save time, money and nerves in the development of ideas. In other words, it is the process of an idea becoming reality, from pre-production to production to post-production.  It shows you how the designer comes out with the image which is the draft sketch, followed by detailed drawings, applying different angles to it and completes it with colour. 

The last part of the book provides recommendations of other books for further learning and improvement.

Overall, this book inspires me on how my ideas can apply in graphics and guides me in applying various techniques. I have learnt that imagination takes flight when you keep thinking and doing it. By working through mental images, it will sharpen my capacity for visual thinking and carve out a solid and fertile foundation for my creative skills. Lastly, there is no end point for unleashing your creativity! 


Call number: NC1000 PRI 2004
Location: East



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