The art of producing games by David McCarthy, Ste Curran & Simon Byron

The Art of Producing GamesIn the course of game design, this book is useful as it shows the basics of producing games. It shows how games in the past had been improved on to become the games of today. The content of the book is relevant for the module on learning the history of art. This module allows us to understand the development of art and the production of creative art.

This book helps me to understand the course more as it shows how games are and can be created. It tells the creativity of the designer and also the levels they use to consider creating a game. After reading the book, I have learnt that there are many kinds of jobs for game designers depending on what they are strongest at.

The art of producing games is very interesting as designers use what they had played before to create an entirely new game using new technology and new designs. This book shows the steps and works of different designers as they work through producing a game. In addition, I have received a lot of guidance from many experienced game designers who have given their thoughts and advices in this book. They have given me a rough idea of what route I should plan if I want to work as a designer or a creator. They have also highlighted to me that I should be aware of my goal and focus for this course. The tips in this book help amateurs like me to understand what game design is about.

I have realized that programming is crucial to achieve better results in game design. This book shows the importance and capabilities of programming. Also I found that the programming module I am taking is the start of my training in game design.

All in all, this book inspires me to achieve a better grade and plan my goals well.


Location of this book:

Call Number: QA76.76.C672 MAC 2005

Location:        East


Written by Cally Tan


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