Digital Manga Workshop by Jared Hodges and Lindsay Cibos

Digital MangaThe book teaches the basics of drawing manga characters and improving the drawings using computer software such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Paint Shop Pro, openCanvas and The GIMP.

The software Adobe Photoshop is best used for cell art, airbrush, traditional-style colouring, special effects, composition and typesetting. Paint Shop Pro is similar to Adobe Photoshop in its functions, however, Adobe Photoshop is better in terms of the level of features and functionality it has. Paint Shop Pro is cheaper than Adobe Photoshop and therefore it can be used as an alternative if you have a limited budget. Both openCanvas and Corel Painter are best used for sketching, inking and traditional-style colouring.  openCanvas is able to save files as multilayered PSDs and this allows easy interaction with Photoshop. Furthermore, openCanvas has a unique function called Even File that records an entire drawing session and plays it back from start to finish and it can be shared with others to teach and learn techniques. The GIMP is also similar to Adobe Photoshop, but it is short of the full range of functionality that Adobe Photoshop has. However the software is free and would prove very useful if you are short of money.

The book also provides guidance on the steps of drawing the head of manga characters where firstly, you have to build the face; starting with sketching a circle with intersecting vertical and horizontal lines to indicate the direction the character is looking. Progressing on to the jaw, starting from the end points of the horizontal line, draw a line that slightly curves outwards to indicate the cheeks, and then slopes inwards to form the chin, making sure the vertical lines intersect with the centre of the chin. Next, once the contour of the face is established, sketch in each of the facial features. The eyes line up with the horizontal line, while the nose lines up with the vertical line. Lastly, add in the finishing touches and clean up any construction lines.

Overall, this book is very useful in helping me to further my understanding on the subject as firstly, I have learnt how to make use of computer software such as Adobe Photoshop to help me improve on drawing manga characters. Secondly, I also got to learn the tips and tricks of drawing manga characters which give me more ease of drawing manga characters than before. Lastly, the book has also shown me where to get more resources on drawing manga characters. I found this very useful as it showed me where to get ideas on drawing manga characters like using action figures and models.


Location of the book:  NC1764.5.J3

Call Number:  NC1764.5.J3 HOD 2005

Location:  Republic Polytechnic East Zone


Written By Joel  Goh Wei Ming


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