Photoshop CS2 essential skills by Mark Galer and Philip Andrews

photoshop cs2We normally see nice pictures on facebook and blog. Some of these pictures have their unique watermark, and others have special light effect. This book will guide you on modifying pictures and making them unique.

For students who are interested in image-editing, this book will be a good “teacher”. It starts from the fundamentals and even beginners can follow the steps to set up their “darkroom”. This book also allows us to learn the basic digital knowledge such as channels, levels, compression and bits. Applying information from this book, you will able to use Adobe Photoshop and make some basic adjustments to the image. For example, you can use auto-level and apply layers to make the images more interesting.  Want to make your own creative image? We can move on to “advanced skills” and learn to make our own poster. Do remember to use Photoshop when we make our pp poster!

For SIT students, this book will also be quite useful as Photoshop is widely used in Web design and programme design. More and More people are getting acquainted with using Photoshop for editing and enriching  images, and image-editing has now become a pervasive and popular skill.  So come and get this book, you can also become a professional!


Call Number : T 385 GAL 2005

Location: North

Written by: Wu jingyun


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