Problem-Based Learning for Teachers by Daniel L. Kain

libThe information shared by this author is quite useful to RP’s academic staff as it is relevant to the education system we are practicing. The teacher’s role, as a facilitator, is to guide the learning process rather than to provide knowledge. The students will be asked open-ended questions, largely metacognitive.

This book also focuses on introducing some factors such as teacher’s work, team work, grading system, homework (Reflection Journal) and many more. Different factors have different weightages while affecting Problem-Based Learning Process. Taking into consideration the different issues involved in PBL will help students adapt to this learning environment and raise the scores in daily study. It will be easier for students to define right strategies to overcome those obstacles they face in the learning process. Some case studies cited in this book are quite useful for PBL learners. It helps one to understand the importance of implementing PBL. The PBL forces students to learn fundamental principles of the subject in the context of needing it to solve a problem.

The subject knowledge is learned in formats different from those traditional formats. This makes a significant improvement in a student’s ability to recall and later use the subject knowledge. PBL also has been used in other forms such as research and engineering design. Feedback and reflections on the learning process and group dynamics are essential components of PBL. As such it is quite important for a teacher to assign good questions for students.

By going through their Reflection Journals, the thing will be more specific on how they learn in this module and what they have learnt about it. Then based on their feedback, teachers also enhance students’ abilities more effectively. With a better understanding of PBL described in this book, you will gain and enjoy more while participating in PBL activities based on some suggestions introduced by this book.


Call number: LB 1027.42  KAI 2003

Location: South

Written by Wu Mengjiao


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