Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen & Debra Halperin

Hooray! American Idol!

Which is one of the highest rated TV show in the history of US television? It’s AMERICAN IDOL! Are you a fan of the show? I’m a huge fan and I will not miss it regardless of  how busy I am when it is shown. Here’s a chance for you to be able to get closer to the top idols from every season.  Get to know and understand the idol contestants more.  Find out how they felt when their dreams came true, the stories behind their successes, challenges faced during the long run competition, etc. You can find all this information from this book, Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul. Meanwhile, there is also a special foreword by Paula Abdul, a singer and one of the judges for the show since the 1st season. Thus, you’ll also be able to get to know how Paula Abdul feels about this show from the 1st season till now.  Not only that, for fans of this show since the 1st season, you’ll be able to recall some of the contestants who were not able to make into finals yet performed well – like Melinda Doolittle from 6th season, Paris Bennett from 5th season, Kimberly Locke from 2nd season, etc. All in all, this is an interesting book for fans of the show and for those who do not really know the show, this book can help you understand more about it through the sharing of stories from the contestants and the top idols from every season. Trust me, you will not regret spending your precious time reading this book!


Publisher             : Health Communications, Inc. Deerfield Beach, Florida

Call Number       : 158.128

Location               : Central

Reviewed by        : Wong Wai Chun


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