Can you keep a secret? by Sophie Kinsella

can you keep a secretAs students are studying hard for their UT 3s, this means that school holidays are round the corner!  Here, I would like to recommend the book “Can You Keep a Secret” by Sophie Kinsella. This book is about a hilarious romance story that revolves around an office lady. In this world, everyone has their own secrets that are buried deep in their hearts and are only selectively known to others. What will happen if someday you find out that your “darkest” secrets are not safe anymore?

Emma Corrigan shared all her deepest secrets with the handsome stranger in the seat next to her when she thought that she was going to die. All her darkest secrets, secrets from her parents, secrets from her other half, and secrets from her colleagues were all exposed to a particular stranger on the flight. When she was safe on land, she thought that it was the end of her fear. However, this was the time when the real nightmare started…

The “Stranger” turned out to be Emma’s boss. This story is a mixture of comedy as well as the typical romance story. Romance reader will love this book as it describes a romance in a more cheerful and interesting manner without losing the romantic essence.

I enjoyed reading this book because it not only tells us a story of romance but also includes situations that are possible in our lives which makes it so real for me. It has brought so much laughter to me and it will definitely take some stress off your studies. I have also learnt to mind what I say and that secrets are meant to be kept to avoid damages.

Hope you will enjoy reading this book and remember to reflect on yourselves! Can you keep your secret?


Where to Find this Book

Location: Central

Call Number: KIN


Written by Lee Cheng Shu


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