Advanced PIC Microcontroller Projects in C by Dogan Ibrahim

advanced pic microcontroller projectI believe all of us are noticing that Microchip’s PIC18 is offering a world of possibilities from LEDs to voltmeters to real-time operating systems (RTOs). This book will surely be helpful for those who are interested in programming microcontroller, as well as students who are studying the microcontroller module.

This book introduces several features of microcontroller PIC18FXX2 series such as Timers, Watchdog, Interrupts and Analogue-to-Digital Converter, accompanied by detailed explanations of their functions. Besides these, the book also covers some techniques required in programming the microcontroller in C language such as converting numbers from one based system to another.

Providing over 20 simple and advanced projects with clear explanations and simple illustrations, combined with tables and data from the PIC18FXX2 manual sheet and links them up with register bits that were used to program the microcontroller, comprehension of the architecture of the microcontroller, the pins and the control registers is greatly enhanced.

For those who want to try programming the PIC18FXX2 circuit board, the example projects are a great help. For those who want to do self-study or gain better understanding on the topic, the explanations are quite clear and comprehensible.

This is the only, or one of a few project books on the PIC18F series using the C programming language. It includes over 20 complete and tested projects as well as source files and HEX files for all of them. I am sure you will find it fun and interesting to study.



Where to find it?

Call Number – TJ 223.P76 IBR 2008

Location – RP Library North area


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