Bet Me by Jenny Crusie

imageMain Characters:
Minerva Dobbs
Cal Morrisey

This book is basically another typical, so-called “chick flick”; a love story. But well I just can’t seem to get enough of them. It’s about two people who fall in love against all odds and under all the wrong circumstances. It doesn’t start with the usual cliché of  “love at first sight”, it was actually the opposite. It’s not accurate to say they hated each other, but they were more of a mismatched couple. Neither of them is each other’s ideal partner. Instead, they are exactly the types of people that they will avoid dating. Cal is known to be a dashing, and not to mention extremely handsome, womanizer who leaves his conquests just when they fall in love with him, while Minerva, is a headstrong woman with a sharp tongue and an opinion on just about everything. You can imagine what a really menacing combination this pair makes. In addition to that, Minerva is also rather plain and a bit more on the chubby side, not particularly Cal’s cup of tea.

In order to win a bet, Cal asks Minerva out. Minerva overhears Cal’s bet and is out to seek revenge. She agrees to go out with him for one dinner and this is where it all starts. It’s sort of a love-hate, “I don’t want to love you but I’m falling in love with you” relationship.

In a very, very interesting, and not to mention hilarious turn of events, they fall in love. With obstacles like jealous exes, an overprotective father, an obsessive, “naggy” mother who watches her daughter’s food consumption and clothes, crazy friends and cool shoes, this book really proves to be one of my best ever reads. 


Call number: CRU

Location: Z [Central]


Written by Frances Diana Vallado Billone


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