Engineering Circuit Analysis 6th Edition by McGraw-Hill

engineering circuit analysisThis book, engineering circuit analysis (sixth edition) by the McGraw-Hill international edition would be a great help for students studying Digital Entertainment Electronics (DDEE) as well as Biomedical Electronics (DBME). The book is especially useful from year 2 of study onwards, for those who are taking the Circuit Analysis module. It touches on a lot of basic concepts (e.g. linear circuits) and provides examples as well as exercises at the end of each section with a load of illustrations.

First of all, a brief explanation on the relationship of circuit analysis to engineering is given. It offers several interesting sections such as basic components and electric circuits, laws of voltage and current, basic Nodal and Mesh analysis which I believe electronic engineering students must be familiar with. The section on ‘Techniques of analysing circuits’ would also provide a great help for those who want to revise for Understanding Tests (UTs) in a short period of time.

The first few chapters cover the above-mentioned topics. Besides, the characteristics of electronic devices such as capacitor, inductor and series, parallel combinations of these are also discussed thoroughly. For those who are willing to delve more in-depth into the topics and techniques on analysing not only DC circuits but also AC circuits, the remaining chapters offer detailed explanations and examples.

For instance, one of the most useful techniques in circuit analysis, Laplace Transform is thoroughly presented. The book’s definition, how-s and why-s of Laplace Transform are also very useful; how the Laplace Transform is formed and how it can be used for transforming time domain circuits to s-domain ones and vice versa. The examples and exercises in the book would help you in understanding the more complicated circuits.

Basically, all chapters include several basic concepts and techniques for analysing different types of circuits and all the explanations are quite clear and comprehensible. To reiterate, for those who are willing to self-study and prepare for the exams, this book surely would help you understand further the concepts and be ready for challenging questions. An accompanying CD-ROM is also available for those who want to do multimedia learning.

Enjoy studying. Everyone can reach the top and just make sure that you won’t stop. 🙂


Where to find it?

Call number: TK454 HAY 2002

Location: North




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