Programming Microsoft Visual Basic.Net by Francesco Balena

Programming Visual BasicWhether you have a personal interest in application development or if you are an IT student, the most important skill you need to possess is how to use programming languages effectively and efficiently.

With the emergence of companies and enterprises taking advantage of Microsoft .Net Framework to design and develop in-house solutions, learning to code prominent VB language in the framework will reward you a double advantage. In addition to that, better graphical support and security features are also added-pluses to your learning a new language.

In this book “Programming Microsoft Visual Basic .Net” by Franscesco Balena, the author has explained virtually every topics and techniques needed to cover in order to become a great VB.Net programmer. As he mentioned, the book isn’t for beginners who just stepped into the world of programming though. Readers are required to have at least a knowledge of VB language and programming classes and objects so that they can leverage on the features of the book. But I strongly believe that you just need to have some background in any programming language, be it Pascal or Java, not necessarily VB language.

Topics ranging from classes, inheritance, threading to XML web services are introduced and explained comprehensively in the book. Common programming features such as Arrays, Lists and Collections are also nicely covered. After you have read this book, you will be able to design and develop many types of applications – Win33 Applications, Database Applications and Internet Applications.


Where to find the book?

Call No: QA 76.73.B3 BAL 2002

Location: East


Written by Kyaw Zin Htun


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