Movie Review: Catch Me If You Can!

catch me if you canCatch Me If You Can is a movie based on the real life story of a true fake. The story is about the life of Frank Abagnale Jr, someone whom I personally feel qualified to be called a genius. It was however a sad story for him, which started with the failure of his father’s business followed by his parents’ divorce. Frank could not accept the truth and he ran away from home. At the point when he ran out of cash, he started to forge checks. At the later stage, he started to impersonate as an airplane pilot and successfully swindled away over a million dollars. So when an FBI started to check on him, he switched his identity to a doctor to prevent himself from getting caught.

However, the FBI agent, Carl started to track him down. Yet, Frank was such a genius that he was able to free himself from any dire situation until one Christmas night, Frank realized that he was such a lonely soul with no one to talk to. So he called Carl and gave him some clue about his identity. This time, his identity was an attorney. A guy was bound to have some weak points no matter how smart he was. When he heard that his father had passed away, he was devastated and was dying to see his mother badly. And because of this, the FBI agent managed to track him down. Frank was convicted and was given a long prison sentence as he had been forging checks all over the world! However, the story took a twist when Frank impressed Carl by deducing the identity of a forgery by merely glancing at a check. Carl realized that Frank was talented and offered him to work under check fraud department and freed him from prison life.

I enjoyed the two hours of watching the movie and was really impressed by Frank himself! He was such a genius as he could successfully passed himself as a pilot, a doctor and also an attorney, all before he turned nineteen! And what was even more amazing was that this was a real life story! I realize that those safety measures on our checks today were created by Frank himself! And I started to idolize him after I watched the movie. I am also glad that the FBI agent helped him and gave him a chance to walk back from astray.


Do watch it, and you will not waste your two hours!


Call No. : DVD PN1997 CAT 2004
Location: South


Written by Lim Yong Xing


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