Core Java 2, Volume I – Fundamentals by Cay S.Horstmann and Garay Cornell

imageThe topic on Object Oriented Programming (OOP) has always been a concern for many second year SIT students. I believe the facilitator’s advice would be to read up and practice. My recommendation of a book on Java which is useful, accurate, and relevant to our learning is this: Core Java 2 – Volume I – Fundamentals by Cay S.Horstmann and Garay Cornell.


About the book:

A complete update of the best-selling guide for serious programmers, “The seventh edition of Core Java 2, Volume I”, covers the fundamentals of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE). This book is a reliable reference that features thoroughly tested real-world examples. The most important language and library features are demonstrated with simple sample programs that are authentic and applicable to real problems. More importantly, all the programs have been updated for J2SE 1.5 and should serve as good starting points for your own code.


About the authors:

Cay S. Horstmann teaches computer science at San Jose State University. He has written six books on C++, Java technology, and object-oriented development.

Gary Cornell has a Ph.D. from Brown University and has been a visiting scientist at IBM Watson Labs. He has written or co-written 20 popular computer books and articles for many developer magazines. He currently directs the program in Modern Visual Programming at the University of Connecticut.


Reader’s opinion:

This book is useful for beginners as it contains the essentials of picking up and learning a new programming language. This is aided by the very first introduction about Object Oriented, the programming language, and the details of each method, class, and so on. Written by the authors who have had much experience in programming, the book is truly useful for the reader such as the overview of the capabilities of Java, how to download and install JDK and examples, simple functions, classes and methods, inheritance, interface, and more, progressing from basic to advance. From my own experiences, this book will be really handy for your study. The theories all piece together with examples, detail explanation, tips, notes, and summaries for every section. Learning Java will be simpler and easier with this book.


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Written by Le Ha Phuong


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