Color is Your Personality? Red, Orange, Yellow Green… by Carol Ritberger Ph.D.


This book is about knowing your personality and how it affects your health. It is written by a Medical Intuitive, Dr. Carol Ritberger, who believes that our personality is genetic. Therefore, we have a single, original personality type which she categorized under the different colors of red, orange, yellow and green after copious research and study. While our personalities do change due to our experiences, influences, environment and so on, the way we deal with them is still decided by our original character. The author also mentioned that no matter what happens, we will always fall back to this inborn personality. Apparently, prolonged exposure to environment that forces one to change his personality creates stress and unhappiness as it is unnatural for him.

It is believed that when you know yourself, including your strengths and weaknesses, you will not only be able to find ways to overcome your weaknesses but to also make use of your strengths to the best of your abilities. The book includes a quiz which helps you find out which personality category that you belong to. There is also a detailed description of each personality category, including the sensitive health spots where that personality type tends to be. After giving it a try myself, I found that it is really accurate.

Even if you are not really interested in psychology, it is still a fun book to read for your general knowledge. Who knows, you may even find out things about yourself that you never knew before.


Where to find the book?

Call No. : BF 698.3 RIT 2000

Location: South




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