Introduction to Digital Circuits by Theodore F.Bogart

digitalThis book, one of Electricity & Electronics Series from McGraw-HILL international editions, will certainly be helpful for year 2 students of Digital Entertainment Electronics (DDEE) and Biomedical Electronics (DBME) since it covers the basic concepts in Digital Electronics I. In addition, challenging exercises are provided at the end of each section.

It touches on several topics such as Number Systems, Logic Gates and Boolean algebra which are covered in Digital Electronics I module. Furthermore, practical considerations in logic design are also covered in part I. In part II, basic ideas on pulse and digital signals, wave shaping and waveform analysis, and logic circuit fundamentals are provided. Schematic diagrams and explanations of flip-flops, shift registers as well as counters are included in storage devices and sequential logic are covered in part III. Part IV is for those who are interested in data processing, manipulation and storage. It includes the operations and functions of half-adder, full-adder and even parallel adders.

 All these four parts cover all fundamentals, basic structures and concepts of digital electronics with comprehensible explanations. For those who wish to do self-study or prepare for UT (Understanding Tests), the questions and challenging exercises in this book would be a great help.

Enjoy studying. Everyone could reach the top and just make sure that you won’t stop.

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Call Number – TK7868.D5 BOG 1992



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