The Manga Guide To Databases

mangaAfter these few weeks of lessons, I think that most of you will already have a better idea what’s Information Technology about. So, we know that all of these modules are related to IT, but how much do you know about them? We have already had 6 lessons in RP, so, what do you know about Database? Are you still confusing about what is a database system about? Are you able to explain about what’s the 1st, 2nd and 3rd normal forms? Are you able to create your own database? If you still not able to understand what’s database about, this will be the book that you should read.


So, are you tired of reading all the resources in the internet and 6ps?


I couldn’t believe it when I got hold of this Manga Guide to Databases…it might give people the impression that it is childish but was I surprised !

The way this Manga Guide explains the main points of database, I wished I got hold of this book earlier.

Anyway enough said, if you wish to do some lesson before the UTs, you can try the quiz inside this book as well. In this book, it provides summaries and quiz in the end of each chapter. These summaries are very important because they show the main points of the chapters, beside this, it also show you some examples as well.


So, if you wish to become a database designer in the future, you should try to this book. J Good luck…….



Where you can find this book:

Call number:  QA 76.9.D3 TAK 2009

Location: East Area (IT HELPDESK)


Written by Kee Zhi Qin


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