Casino industry in Asia pacific: development, operation, and impact

casinoThis book will lead you to have a overall look on the casino industry in Asia pacific. Provided valuable insights, it is informative for those interested in the casino and gaming industry in the Asia pacific region.

This book is organized into three sections: development, operation and impact.  Countries included are Australia, Korea, China, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

In the first section, chapter includes comprehensive history and development of gaming for a particular location, laws and regulations are also reviewed for each location to report changed and document current status.

In section two, each chapter examines an important casino operational issue, which includes effective regulation, licensing and due diligence, internal control and auditing, and rolling commissions.

Lastly, in section three, it reviews economic and social impact of gaming in Australia and Korea, gaming and Chinese culture are also discussed to illustrate the intertwining relationship between gaming and people’s daily life.


Call Number : HV 6722.A78 CAS 2006

Location: South


Written by: Wu jingyun


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