Teamwork is an Individual Skill by Christopher M. Avery

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About the book

This book blends theory with real-life experience to create a “how-to” book from which you can derive valuable learning points immediately.  This book emphasise the following 5 aspects: teamwork as an individual, creating powerful partnerships, collaborating “on” purpose, trust just right, and the collaborative mindset. This book’s point of view is very different from other books on teamwork, highlighting teamwork as an individual skill.

To improve teamwork, firstly, we need to develop a sense of personal responsibility for the success of the team as a collective group. This book gives a lot of fantastic suggestions on how to create powerful partnerships. It is in our interest to be helpful to other people and to seek help from others when needed. This develops a sense of interdependence. We should learn to celebrate the success of other people and appreciate conflict, as both help to the team and the individual team-mates improve.

To collaborate on purpose does not mean that all team-mates need to like each other. A clear sense of the ultimate goal will help to overcome individual differences and initial problems of lack of skills. Trust always plays a significant role in teamwork. How to trust just right? To optimize the benefit of trusting others, you actually have to trust a little too much. As your ability to respond grows, so does your trust in others.

Relationship integrity makes collaboration possible, the author gives an interesting but meaningful equation, which is extraordinary collaboration=exchange+expansion+integrity.

Reader’s Note

This book contains a lot of fantastic viewpoints. If you want to know more, do read this book. As RP emphasises the importance of teamwork, it will be beneficial if we develop good teamwork skills.



Where to find the book?

Call Number: HD 66 AVE 2001

Location:  SOUTH


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