I Am Legend – Movie Review!

i am legendI’ve been asked once who I think a hero is. I thought about it for a minute and a name flashed through my mind. Robert Neville. He is the character in the movie “I am legend”, played by Will Smith.

I really don’t know if Robert Neville can be considered as a superhero. But to me at least, he is considered one, especially when he sacrificed himself for the other two survivors, in order to let them take from him a precious sample of antibodies that will immunize the other two survivors from the plague. “I am legend” is a movie that is neither close to real life nor too far-fetched like “Fantastic Four” or other imaginary super-beings or worlds. The scenes always remain dark and serious. I am touched every time Robert reminisces about the times spent with his wife and lovely daughter before the plague spread and wiped out the rest of humanity. Memories can be sour and hurtful feeling at times. Not many people can bear such loneliness.

Everyday, Robert broadcast his message through the radio, “I’m Robert Neville, I’m a survivor in New York city….if somebody can hear, anybody…I just want to let you know, you’re not alone…”. Whenever he say this, I just can’t help thinking that maybe this message is not just to reach out to other survivors but also what he wants to tell himself, to believe in. He survived alone for a really, really long time. And the strength with which he carried on was magnificent and unbelievable. I admire him for his bravery. What he pass on to the other survivors is a symbol of hope. A precious hope.


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Written by Wu Ping Han


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