Production: Planning, Control and Integration by Daniel Sipper and Robert L. Bulfin Jr.

production planning ...I had a module on Manufacturing Planning and Control in my 2nd year of studies. The word “manufacturing” always gives people the impression of operating machines and hectic-looking operators doing repetitive tasks. But, what really goes into the planning and control of manufacturing process? Is it only about pressing a few buttons or instructing your workers to operate to the maximum possible by literally, making full use of your resources? Well, in reality, neither is true.

A good manufacturing practice is about how to utilise your resources efficiently and effectively, meeting customers’ requests, while considering your plant’s capacity. There are several concepts or tools that help us achieve that. The tools are essentially made up of logical concepts that are required to optimise the use of resources.

If you are wondering where you can get to know more about them, here is a recommendation from me – the book “Production: Planning, Control and Integration” by Daniel Sipper and Robert L. Bulfin Jr. I think this book is useful, in particular, for those who are in Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management taking E218 Manufacturing Planning and Control module.

This book covers the knowledge required to manage production or manufacturing activity well. Topics include Master Production Scheduling (MPS), Material Requirements Planning (MRP), and many more. This book offers sufficient theory of the topics, together with some worked examples. Questions are also available in every section to test readers’ understanding of the topics covered. Language used is easy to understand, so readers shouldn’t have much problem understanding the content.

I personally find the book useful especially when I need to know more about MPS or MRP while the resources on the internet do not give me a clear understanding about them. I find the chapter on Aggregate Planning very clear and understandable too. While internet resources are convenient to get, do consider textbook resources as well, sometimes they can just deliver better effects.

Hope this book is useful in your work and giving you better understanding on topics of production planning and control. Hope you find the recommendation useful. J



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Written by Jeksen


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