Introduction to Accounting and Finance by Geoff Black

Introduction to Accounting and FinanceIt is a good recommendation for those who are studying business; students from Diploma in Business Applications or those who are taking up Finance Accounting module.

There are 3 main reasons that why I strongly recommend this book:

1. Clear structure. It provides a clear structure on the fundamental knowledge of financing, teach us step by step. It will be good for those who just touched on this new topic to be familiar with some basic accounting terms and structure.

For example, the first chapter is the background of accounting which does a brief introduction on financial accounting and management accounting, also some key accounting concepts, such as going concern concept, accruals concept and so on.  After the introduction, then it will proceed to the recording financial transactions part, which is quite important for accounting study. It has a detail explanation on double- entry bookkeeping system (Refer to Pg 18 to Pg24). It explains with examples.


2. Easy to understand. There are many graphs in this book to provide an easier understanding. For me, I study accounting in my spare time. It is really headache to read the wordy information, because some of the accounting terms are really difficult to understand by the words only. If there are some graphs and charts, it is better.

For example, refer to Pg 169. The structure of the 2002 statement is explained as a diagram and provides the detail note below the diagram, which can easier to catch the attention for the readers.


3. Provide revision questions. One characteristic for this book is that it provides self-check questions, self-study questions as well as 3 revision chapters. So after reading each chapter, you can know how well you learn and what the mistakes that you make for each chapter and can focus on the certain topics. Then after 5-7 chapters, it will have a revision chapter for the past chapters, which will provide an overview for your learning. Learning with reflections can strengthen the learning process as well as the learning outcome.

So if you are interested to explore more, just proceed to south of the Library and find it. 🙂


Where to find it?

Call No. : HF5635 BLA 2005 

Location: South


Written by Ma Yuan


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