Production and Operations Analysis (Sixth Edition) by Steven Nahmias

operations and production analysis

This book is suitable for those who are taking Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management (DIOM) and Diploma in Supply Chain Management (DSCM) as it covers a lot of topics which are included in these two diploma modules. This book is relevant for modules such as: Operations Planning I & II, Inventory Management, and Engineering Cost Decisions.


The introduction of the book includes different strategies that are usually applied in the industries relevant to two diploma mentioned above (e.g. Just-in-Time strategy). Followed by different chapters of operations analysis such as forecasting, linear programming, inventory control, and etc; this book will definitely let you have a better understanding of the topics.


So… do visit the library and borrow the book before anyone else does!


Book Title            : Production and Operations Analysis (Sixth Edition)

Author                  : Steven Nahmias

Publisher             : McGraw-Hill International

Call Number       : TS 155 NAH 2009

Location               : North


Reviewed by      : Harris Kristanto 



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