Achieve Sales Excellence by Howard Stevens

achieve sales excellence

About the book:

Sales relate to many fields in the industry. To some extent we can say that business is all about buying and selling. I found a book you can read. It is called “Achieve Sales Excellence”.

There are mainly four parts of this book :
1. What science reveals about sales excellence
2. The foundational rules of professional competence
3. The advanced rules of sales excellence
4. The eight questions for identifying world-class sales organizations

There are many excellent points in this book, such as the rules of professional competence.

Reader’s Note

The book is easy to read! The eight questions includes IBM as examples to describe how to adapt to market changes. I found it relevant and practical to the outside world. Well, you will not regret reading this book. It has made me a more confident person to do sales. I hope you will have a clearer view of sales from this book.

It also helps the students who take the marketing and enterprise module.

For example, there is a section talking about “How does the company segment the market”.

To add on, for all Years Ones, there are a lot of problems related to how to sell your product for the Enterprise module. You may find this book for solutions.


Where to find the book?

Call Number: HF 5438.4 STE 2007
Location: South


Written by Liu Ning


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