DVD Review: The Phantom of the Opera


You may forget the plot of a movie which you watched in a cinema, after a while. But you will never forget the feeling of being touched by the love in a movie.

You may forget the lines that were spoken in a movie. But you will never forget the wonderful music which is singing in your heart, your soul.

That is the reason why I would never forget “The Phantom of the Opera”, an incredible musical-movie about  a most beautiful love story. “Love me, that’s all I ask of you..”

The movie is adapted from the famous “The Phantom of the Opera” musical. Directed by Joel Schumacher, this movie version was nominated for the ‘Best Art Direction’, ‘Best cinematography’ and ‘Best Original Song’ awards at 2005 Academy Awards. It tells a story of a deformed musical genius (known as The Phantom) who lovingly nurtured the talents and beauty of a young soprano, Christine. However, Christine fell in love with another man, Raoul, her childhood sweetheart who no longer the favours showered upon her by The Phantom. This sparked the dramatic turn of events where jealousy, madness and passion collide.

You will be taken on an emotional roller-coaster ride with the highs and lows of the emotions felt by Christine, Raoul and The Phantom in the movie. You will remember and yearn to hear the music for a very long time. This yearning to hear the music of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ may even last your entire life, because this is the magic of the ‘Music of the Night’.


Where to find the DVD?

Call No. : DVD PN1997 PHA 2005

Location: South


Written by Zhang Lixia 


3 thoughts on “DVD Review: The Phantom of the Opera

  1. Jenny says:

    Dont forget that it was taken a t the Opera Populare and yes i will long to hear the voice of the Angel of Music.. Im so in love w/ it that i know every line from the movie where they step, and who sings what. 🙂 i guess i am a really big phan

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