HTML: A Beginner’s Guide [For Year 2 SIT Students]


For all year-two SIT students, this should be the book to read.  It covers the topics in the Web Multimedia module which you will be taking. HTML is one of the most important categories in this module. Therefore, for those do not have a background in HTML, this book will be the best guide for you.

As mentioned in the title, this book is specially written for those who wish to learn to create their own website with the use of HTML. The book explains the functions of the basic coding of HTML and also provides some examples as well.  There are a lot of examples and sample coding which will give you a clearer understanding of HTML and how to use it.

From my experience, anchors, tables and frames will be the main things you will be learning in the first few weeks in the Web Multimedia module. This book has a clear explanation and includes useful examples on how and when to use the coding. Besides, the book also incorporates several quizzes, so you will be able to test yourselves on your level of understanding after reading the book.

For all year-two SIT students, if you still don’t have a good grasp of HTML after these two weeks, this book is my recommendation to you. J 

Have a nice HTML! *lol*


Where you can find this book:

Call number:  QA 76.76 WIL 2003

Location: East Area (IT HELPDESK)


Written by Kee Zhi Qin 


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