Matilda by Roald Dahl


Matilda is one of Roald Dahl’s most popular children’s books. Read on and you will be delighted by the tale of this five-year old child prodigy!

It is probably an understatement to say that Matilda has a slightly dysfunctional family, the Wormwoods. Matilda’s parents neglect her and seem to care only about watching the ‘lovely telly with a twelve-inch screen’ (considered small by current standards), while her father, the odious Mr Wormwood is more interested in how to earn more money by being a cheat of a 2nd-hand car dealer.

‘Sensitive and brilliant’ Matilda is considered as a “freak” amongst her family, as she doesn’t share her family’s love of the ‘lovely telly’. But what she does love is READING (Note: potential reading ambassador here). Mr and Mrs Wormwood weren’t able to deprive Matilda of her insatiable appetite of books, as she started sneaking out to the library whenever Mrs Wormwood went out to play bingo. It didn’t take long before Matilda finished reading all of the books in the library, yet when she superbly answers her dad’s question meant for her brother, Matilda is unfairly accused of cheating. Matilda then decides to “launch a counter-attack”. And Matilda is able to do that easily, as she is way smarter than her “non-reading, telly-loving” parents.

Matilda’s adventures do not end at home. Matilda finally reaches the age to attend kindergarten. However, her principal, Miss Trunchbull’s treatment of her and the other little children was nothing short of abuse. On the other hand, Matilda has a great teacher, Miss Honey, who lets Matilda feel the warmth and care so lacking from the Wormwoods. Miss Honey is the only one who truly appreciates Matilda’s brilliance.

One day, Matilda realises that she has an ability to move things with her mind. (Spoiler alert!) When Matilda learns that Miss Trunchbull took away Miss Honey’s rightful inheritance, she comes up with a perfect plan to help Miss Honey regain her inheritance and to teach Miss Trunchbull a lesson.

At the same time, Mr Wormwood’s sordid business dealings with some crooks were revealed. Thus, the Wormwoods decide to flee from the police. (Spoiler alert!) Matilda begs to stay with Miss Honey. The Wormwoods grants Matilda’s wish. This is a happiest ending for sweet, brilliant Matilda ! =)


Where can I find ‘Matilda’?

Book – Call number: DAH

Location: Z

Film – Call number: PN1997 MAT 2005

Location: DVD


Written by Lim Yong Xing


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