Movie Review: School of Rock


Dewey Finn (Jack Black) is a rock singer and guitarist of a band called No Vacancy. He is later voted out of his band by the rest of the band members. Bad things don’t stop there, his roommate Ned Schneebly threatens to evict him due to pressure from his girlfriend. The only way he can continue living there is to earn money to pay off his debts.

Desperate for job, he impersonates his roommate to take up an offer from a prestigious prep school in the town. As predicted, he doesn’t have the slightest idea of how to teach the students. So, instead of teaching the students, he gives them free time to do whatever they want.

One day, he overhears the students playing music and realizes that they’ve got the talent to perform well. As bizarre as always, he decides to turn the class into a rock band and enter them into a rock band competition, Battle of the Bands.

Are they going to make it? Will Dewey Finn be able to “deceive” everyone until the competition? Released in 2003, this movie is suitable for your whole family. So, wait no more, come and borrow this DVD from the library and have 1.5 hours full of laughter!

School of Rock trailer:


Where to find the DVD?

Call No. : DVD PN 1997 SCH 2004

Location: South (2)


Written by Harris Kristanto


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