Writing Wit and Humor – Richard Feynman’s style

If you think you can’t write wit and humour, try reading Richard Feynman’s books (QC 16 FEY) for inspiration.

Winner of the Nobel Prize in physics, Richard writes simply from the heard, it’s almost like he is talking to you.


Wished I had read this earlien to make my “why study” question answered better. I was inspired by “The pleasure of finding things out” – it includes a chapter on “What is Science?”. Read what he says about the male and female minds!!!



IF youprefer a romantic story of a different kin, read “What do you care what other people think?”. It holds some of Richard’s ideas about dating and his stand about honesty in courtship and marriage. I was drawn by his love for his first wife. When his wife died, the realization did not hit him until he saw a pretty dress at a shop. INCLUDED too was his investigation on the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster. Again he showed his honesty and simplicity and refused to allow politics embroil his investigations.



IF learning and laughter need to go together in your reading, then “Surely you must be joking, Mr Feynman! – Adventures of Curious Character” is the best bet. “He fixes radio by thinking” is a great starter. Also included these short stories: “A Map of the Cat”, “But is it art?” and “Thirteen Times” are great reflections of a humorous kind. Find it at the QC 16 FEY Physics bookshelves!





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