A leap of love : a novella / Catherine Lim

Saw the trailer for The Leap Years in the cinema and thought it looked pretty good.  I never got around to catching it and was glad to know that the library was acquiring it.  The DVD has reached the library but is currently out on loan.  So while waiting for my turn to watch it (I placed a reservation) I decided to read the book on which it is based.  Catherine Lim’s A Leap of Love [Z LIM].

leaplove It was an good read. The storyline is interesting – Li-ann meets the man of her dreams, Jeremy, on February 29 and takes advantage of western tradition (apparently this belief is termed “The Ladies’ Privilege“) to get him to meet her at 8pm that night.  They meet but only have 2 hours together.  As they part, Jeremy requests that they meet in 4 years, the same day, at the same time and same place.

I was curious how the story would develop.  What would drive them apart and what would make them meet only once in every 4 years?  The book makes it plausible.  The style of storytelling is interesting as well.  Though the story is told in a chronological fashion, it offers glimpses into the future. 

I wonder if the movie will do the book justice.  According to the description in the library catalogue, the relationship spans 24 years.  The book spans 12 years.  Will the movie be as believeable as the book?  

Read the book, watch the movie and compare! 

Happy reading and watching!


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